June 20, 2022

For quite some time I am looking for a way to make my personal servers open to the internet. But I do want them to be secure and prevent hacks. After a quick google search I found Authelia. Unfortunately the setup for Authelia isn’t as straight forward for pfsense as for other proxy managers. With […]

By Dennis
October 11, 2020

If you have Home assistant running with node-red and you have philips hue stuff in your house; you may think it can react slow sometimes. We can fix this very easily by installing the node-red hue magic package. Installing node-red hue magic To install hue magic you need to go to your node-red dashboard. head […]

By Dennis
October 9, 2020

Since a few year Docker s quite popular, it’s easy to use but for people starting out a little challenging sometimes. In this tutorial I will share ,y Debian & Ubuntu install script. Let’s get started To get going we need a running OS. Download and install Ubuntu or Debian in a virtual machine using […]

By Dennis