Home Assistant – install zigbee with Conbee2

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The prerequisites for this zigbee network are:

  • Up and running home assistant
  • Zigbee bridge (I use ConbeeII)
  • Other devices


Plug in the USB stick and go to the supervisor > System > hardware. This will show a list of hardware. For example “/dev/ttyACM0”, note it down you will need it later.

Home assistant check hardware
Open the hardware window

Next, go to the add-on store.

Select addon store
Go to the add-on store

The following step will be installing deconz, this will control the network. Press the install button and go to the configuration tab. Next fill in your device.

Install deconz zigbee
Install deconz
Add zigbee device information
Add your device

Whenever done, you can start deconz.

Now navigate to settings > integrations and add an integration. Select deconz


Firstly go back to your deconz and open the web interface, and click phoscon. Secondly you’ll need to choose and gatewayname, username and password. As a result your bridge is set up.

zigbee Phoscon / deconz start screen
Choose phoscon
Deconz first start
Fill accordingly to your needings.

Now you’re set-up and ready to go, add some lights or sensors:

phoscon zigbee lights, switches and sensor
Add light, switch or sensor.
add new lights
Add light.

Put your device in pairing mode and click add new light. Whenever this is added, you can name it and you’re done.

Restart Home assistant and the devices will become visible within deconz integration


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