Proxmox – get started

So, you have built your server (or you bought one); let’s get started on installing proxmox. In order to get started with proxmox you need an ISO, you can get that here. After downloading you need to burn the ISO to a USB flash drive, CD or you can use iDrac, ILO or IPMI. With the latter it’s a matter of uploading the ISO and you’re done.

When you chose to burn the ISO to a USB thumb drive I recommend to use Rufus, which can be downloaded for free here. Install, open up and follow the steps and keep the defaults.

After you finished you can pop that thumb drive in and boot your server. First screen after you boot will be BIOS or UEFI but then this pops up:

Proxmox iso launch screen
Choose: Install Proxmox VE

After this it’s just following along with the wizard:

Configure / Run

After the installation and reboot you will get a CLI screen. You won’t need it much, but it’s there. It also shows up and URL which you can use to login into the web interface. After you followed the URL you will get:

To create a new virtual machine you need to click on the top right (Create VM) button. It will show you another wizard:

If you got a lot of time on your hands or you want to read some documentation to better understand what each option does you can read the following.


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