I’m Dennis, 27 and IT professional. In 2012 I began my journey at the department of defense in comms where Me and my colleagues where responsible for the communications and IT infrastructure on domestic and foreign soil. We built fiber optic networks, servers based on windows server and phone communications network with HF. Back then my learning curve started to peak, and I learned a lot. After a few years I started out at the GGD (Area health authority) which was a fun time! As part servicedesk and part system administrator I was responsible for the SCCM server and building the Windows images. 2018 I started out at a hospital and I’m still working there. I like my job but I also like to do more than my job includes. I started to grow my IT knowledge by learning myself new things;

  • Smarthome
  • Hypervisors
  • webservers
  • game design

These are a few things of the stuff I learned. game design isn’t really something I learned well but I learned how they are built though.
Although game design wasn’t really my thing; front-end and infrastructure is!

Blog purpose

The purpose of this blog is to share stuff I learned in a tutorial kind of way!
Share my knowledge with you, hoping you learn new topics too!
I also hope you enjoy this blog as I do writing it!


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