Wiring shelly smart switches

Every house has lights and device to turn on and off. But what is a smart home without switches, to turn on lights or other devices? Indeed, not much of a “smart home”. In this article we are going to talk about switches…. shelly smart switches


What options are out there?

  • Shelly – wifi
  • Sonoff – wifi / zigbee
  • Fibaro – zwave
  • Aeotec – zwave
  • Much more.

As listed above “much more” yes, there are many products out there. That’s why I only list the ones I know or have heard of.


For lights I like to use Shelly 1 and for roller shutters Shelly 2. The pro for these devices are that they are really cheap and easy to use. Shelly is from an European company called Alterco robotics, you are able to buy these devices with certificates. It also is small enough to build in, they fit in any junction box. So how do you wire and set them up?

shelly 1

Wire lighting

Because I don’t have neutral wires behind my wall switch I need to build the device inside my ceiling junction box

Shelly dimmer 2

For my Kitchen and my Bedroom I use the dimmer 2, very easy to install and use. I mainly want these lights to be dimmable but also have the option to be operated with a physical button. My house mainly uses Busch-Jaeger switches, so in order to keep the styling the same I use those to operate these shellies. For my livingroom I use Philips hue but those activate with scenes and presence.

Well, for the wiring you only need:

  • Phase
  • Switching wire
  • wiring to your lights (if built into your ceiling)

Neutral isn’t needed for the dimmer 2, but can be used if you like.

yes the neutral should be blue, already is changed now.

Shelly 2

Wire roller shutters

shelly 2.5 roller shutter mode
  • SW1 and SW2 go to the switch terminals of the wall switch
  • O1 goes to black shutter motor cabe
  • O2 goes to brown shutter motor cable
  • L goes to Phase
  • N goes to neutral

Whats next

You could continue reading and add the shutters with MQTT to Home assistant guide here.


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